I have been working in this wonderful industry for almost 19 years. I was lucky for having the opportunity to lead big teams of fashion brands not only in Argentina but abroad as well. This gave me the opportunity to live, together with my family, in another country and to continue feeding this great passion.

So… This time I buck up!

Back in October 2019, the idea of Beneïda was born. Beneïda that means ‘blessed’ in Catalan. And this is my modest way to honor my spanish ancestors.With the imprint of something original, prioritizing the quality and the attention to details, we design clothes inspiring ourselves in those women who makes from their daily life, something special. We are all blessed, each of us in different aspects or for different reasons.This is really the way I feel it.

Tot és gràcia means “everything is grace”.I invite you to think where this phrase takes you to?

To me, everything is grace of God.

2021 was a remarkable year. Even more for Beneïda. From a personal perspective, I had the bliss of sharing this project with Isabel Macedo and together we started by building a small collection that turned out to be a complete success. I feel thankful for having the opportunity to meet her, her kindness, sensitivity and commitment were so huge that anything I could think of was to propose her to join this big dream. So, I am happy to share with you that Beneïda is now Isabel Macedo too and we hope to surprise and inspire you in each of our collections.If we thought that 2021 was impressive, what can I say about 2022? It just left us speechless. We continued growing, learning, dreaming, expanding. It is difficult to put in words what this year has meant to us. Once again, we cannot feel more thankful and blessed. And here we are 2023, with our arms wide open to receive anything that life has for us!It would not be possible without you. Thanks for being there always.

Forever with you!